Saturday, March 26, 2016

Nailed It!

That's the motto of the Fort Myers affiliate of Habitat for Humanity and that's exactly what we did during these two past weeks of working at their build site.

We nailed door frames

and baseboards 

and soffits underneath the roof.  

We installed cabinets 

And windows

and a patio sliding door. 

During our two weeks on the Fort Myers job site, a single mom Eva who has two autistic children accumulated 18 hours of sweat equity as she worked alongside us. 

Mornings were a little chilly

But once Gabe, our site manager, assigned us a job, 

We quickly warmed up!

Clockwise from upper left:  Ron, Barry and Janet

Our team was smaller this time around.  That's because there are only a few camping spots behind the Fort Myers Habitat office for RVs to park.  

But we were mighty and with the help of students on Spring Break last week, we accomplished a lot.

In fact, we nailed it!


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    1. Thanks, Randy! It was serendipitous to meet you and Pam as our two weeks in Ft. Myers ended and yours began. It would be fun to see how much you accomplish there during these next two weeks. Happy hammering!