Sunday, August 28, 2016

Building Stability in Sheridan

Experts agree that a stable home is one key to success.  That has certainly been true for Christine (shown to the right below), Executive Director of the Habitat for Humanity affiliate in Sheridan, Wyoming.  

From left to right: Dimitra, Christine's baby, Christine

Just a few years ago, Christine was selected to be a homeowner in Habitat's program.  She assumed the discounted mortgage for a home and moved in with her young daughter.  Holding down a full-time job, she also enrolled in the local college where in time she received her degree.  Sheridan's board of directors recognized her potential and hired her to oversee the operations of the local affiliate.  She has done a terrific job and now, remarried with a second child, her success story is an inspiration to others.

For the past two weeks, Tim and I have participated in the Habitat for Humanity build in Sheridan, WY where the affiliate's motto is "Strength, Stability, Self-Reliance Through Shelter."  

Kathy and Kaylick, one of her sons

Two houses were under construction, but we focused our efforts on the home being built for Kathy Baker and her family.  


Joining us were Randall and Ruby, fellow Care-A-Vanners from Florida who also travel the country to build homes for Habitat. 


When we arrived, only a few sheets of drywall were nailed to the framing of Kathy's home.  

Randall and site construction manager Dave

Tim and Randall installed drywall throughout the rest of the house and the garage.  



Under the direction of Dave, the construction site manager, Ruby and I learned to tape the seams and mud them with joint compound.  


By the end of the first day on the job, I was wearing almost more mud than I had applied.  But with practice, I improved and by the end of our stint in Sheridan, I felt quite accomplished.  Drywall?  Bring it on!

The Bighorn Mountains

Sheridan has struggled to sign up Care-A-Vanners for their builds.  I'm not sure why.  Perhaps people have the perception that Wyoming is a desolate and barren wasteland.  But that is definitely not the case!  We found the beauty of the Bighorn mountains just west of this city of 17,000 inhabitants magnificent with plenty of hiking trails to sample during days off.  An added bonus of the area are the spectacular sunsets!

The city also hosts several festivals throughout the summer.  

Thirsty Thursday

We were lucky to be there for the third Thursday of the month, Thirsty Thursday as it's called, when storeowners in the historic downtown stay open late and vendors set up booths along Main Street.  Our friends Randy and Pam happened to be in town that evening, joining us for the fun. 

From clockwise from the bottom: Randy, Randall, Ruby, Cindy, Pam, Tim
The shop owners are pictured in the rear

It is my hope that other Care-A-Vanners will discover this gem of a city and unite with the Sheridan affiliate to build homes where additional Habitat homeowners may establish strong and stable families.

Morning devotions at the build site

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