Sunday, April 24, 2016

Beacons of Light

Sanibel Island Lighthouse

The coast of Florida is dotted with over 30 active lighthouses.  During our time here, Tim and I have seen only five of them and not all of those still light the night.

But they are impressive, especially the view from the top!

St. Augustine Lighthouse's Lamp

However, the real impact of a lighthouse isn't its height.  It's the Fresnel lamp in the lantern room at the top which takes all available light and bends it horizontally, sending its beam far out to sea to guide sailors home.  At least, that's the explanation I read this week in a devotional from the web site, Today: Refresh, Refocus, Renew.

Crooked River Lighthouse near Carabelle, FL

The Israelites in the Old Testament, too, were to be a beacon to light to the depraved nations around them.  That's why you see these words over and over in the Bible, "I am the Lord your God." Chosen as God's special people, the Israelites were called to lead lives that reflected His goodness.

Cape St. George Lighthouse

In the same way, the candlepower of a Christian is the love of God which we are to reflect horizontally to those around us who are caught in the morass of disappointments, harmful choices and broken relationships.  If Christ is the light of the world, as it says in John 8:12, then I am to be the mirror that reflects that light.

Boca Grande Rear Entrance Lighthouse

This week in Foley, AL, we've attended a rally of Prevost owners, many of whom we met back in February at the Lakeland Air & Car Show.  We've begun friendships with several of these couples that I hope will continue to the next times we see them.  In my conversations, I've tried to push beyond the superficial topics to questions about the deeper issues of life.  How do they feel about being so far from family and friends?  What do they miss most about their previous lives?  Has life on the road been satisfying for them?  Have they found that viewing so many varied places has given them a wonder about nature?  And if so, who or what do they credit for the beauty they've seen?

With my hearing loss, it's not always easy to carry on a conversation in a crowded room, but I've tried and hopefully, I've been able to show them I care about them.  Still, I found the ending sentences in the above devotional convicting:

Port Boca Grande Lighthouse on Gasparilla Island
"Trying to fit in with the world will only get us lost.  And building high walls around our lives will only block the light we were meant to share.  How does your light shine?"  
St. Augustine's Lighthouse

That's the challenge, isn't it?


  1. Beautifully written and thought provoking you truly minister through this venture you and Tim are on and that you both are glorifying God in all you do! Look forward to retirement in the next 8 years if not sooner as it's wonderful to be in this time of life they call "The Golden Years". Yet I don't rush for tomorrow or that retirement date as I try to live each day fully knowing tomorrow is not guaranteed! We love you both😍😘❤️

    1. You're absolutely right, Yas! Every day is a gift. You just don't know how long you'll have your health. All the more reason for Tim & I to start this journey. Wishing you & Ralph all the best when your time comes! Meanwhile, enjoy today!

  2. Seeing the magnificent and varied beauty of nature in different parts of the country has really deepened my faith in our prefect Creator and God. Lovely perspective ... And I will keep your thought provoking questions at hand. Safe travels!

  3. One of my favorite images of God is as a beacon of light. Thanks for this beautiful post.