Saturday, April 30, 2016

Tyler State Park

Tim and I are heading west to a Habitat for Humanity build in Hobbs, New Mexico, but first, we are dropping down to Austin and San Antonio, Texas.

However, the drive from Vicksburg to Austin is too long to do in a day so we reserved a campsite at Tyler State Park near--you guessed it!--Tyler, Texas. 

This is the first state park we've tried and, despite its beauty, it might be the last. The campsite was long enough for the Dawntreader but it was a tight squeeze.  Tim shoe-spooned the Dawntreader into the site with inches between the bus and one tree.

Plus, although little damage was done, a few overhanging tree limbs scraped the roof. 

Still, the scenery of this state park built by the Civilian Conservation Corp was worth a few ("minor, Tim, very minor") scratches. 

We walked around the lake and enjoyed many beautiful vistas. 

I'd always thought of Texas as wide, open and often barren spaces. Who knew Texas would be so beautiful!


  1. I like the picture of Tim inspecting the roof. I don't worry too much about scratches. Holes on the other hand...

    1. You've made me laugh, Doug, but holes are no laughing matter! Stay safe out there!