Friday, July 29, 2016

Easy Hikes In Glacier National Park

Lake Josephine

A year ago, my husband Tim had a total knee replacement.  Although he has fully recovered, he cannot do some of the activities he used to enjoy. One of those is hiking strenuous trails. Going uphill is fine; it's the pounding his knee takes on the downhill hikes that he finds difficult.

Consequently, we looked for the easy hikes in Glacier National Park, those with elevation changes of 300 feet or less.  We found some great ones.  More easy hikes are listed at 10 Short, Easy Hikes in Glacier National Park.

Grinnell Lake - Many Glacier area, 3.0 miles, 220 feet elevation change

Grinnell Glacier overlooking Grinnel Lake

Top: 1910 photo of Grinnell Glacier
Bottom: 2008 photo of the same location
Because of global warming, only 24 glaciers remain in Glacier National Park.  Sadly, scientists predict that all will be gone by the year 2030.  

Grinnell Lake

Sherborne Lake

Aster Falls and Twin Falls - Two Medicine area, approximately 7 miles, 320 feet elevation change

Two Medicine Lake

Aster Falls

Twin Falls

Hidden Lake Overlook - from Logan's Peak, 2.7 miles, 540 feet elevation change 
Note:  This was the steepest trail we took, but it was worth it!  We saw seven mountain goats along the way.

Mountain Goats

Hidden Lake

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