Wednesday, October 21, 2015

April Showers Bring Mayflowers

April showers are a distant memory in the parched fall landscape of central Kansas, but a lone Mayflower did appear in the yard of my brother's farmhouse yesterday. 

The driver of the Mayflower moving van found his way to the farm without a hitch. While Tim and my dad discussed the best way to shift goods into the house, other farm inhabitants were chomping at the bit for a lick or --

a sniff of the van's delights. 

Some wanted to leap into the fray.

Others were content to lounge around while the crew worked. 

One even took the opportunity to sneak into the house.

Despite all the "help" from the canine crew, the men finished the job in record time and the Mayflower moved on to its next destination.

Thanks, Joe and Vince, for your patience with our farm animals!  You made their day!  And ours!


  1. Good help is hard to find. It looks as though you found plenty! (I love Rhonda's festive fall porch!)

    1. Rhonda has the decorating genes in our family. She celebrates every holiday with her special touch.

  2. Tim, I hope you didn't unload anything. I'm sure your knee appreciates it. Glad your stuff made it to its new home.

  3. My responsibilities were to check off the boxes and corral the canine crew. Nothing too strenuous.