Saturday, October 24, 2015

Let's Go Shopping!

I'd really rather not!  I find car shopping to be almost as excruciating as breathing during broken ribs or natural childbirth. I almost hyperventilate whenever I sign the bottom line of a car's bill of sale.  Now we are in the market for a RV and that is ratcheting up my distress.

But Tim has done his homework. He's read tons of reports and isn't afraid to ask questions in the online RV forums he's found.

He's also dragged me to four RV factories for the grand tour. Tiffin? Entegra? Newmar?  Featherlite?  You name them; I've been inside them, if not at the factory than at numerous RV shows around the country.

So what criteria are we using to make our purchase?  Safety tops the list. I want some assurance that if we are involved in an accident, this RV won't be crushed like an aluminum pop can.

Next is the cost. These vehicles are extremely expensive and they depreciate exponentially as soon as you drive them off the lot. 

Finally there is the functionality of the vehicle. Tim is interested in the mechanics of it all. Me?  I just want to know how big are the closets.

So throw me under the bus!  Literally!  We've decided to look for the world's top-rated passenger bus, a Prevost (pronounced "prey-vo" with a long o).  Converted into a motor home, these busses have a steel frame welded onto a steel chassis. They are the only RVs that have been safety-tested commercially.  And fortunately for me, they have a lot of storage in the bays underneath the bus.

But they are expensive!  Did I mention that already?  Many are owned by millionaires and NASCAR drivers. Neither description fits us.  That's why we are looking for a used Prevost manufactured anytime from 1990-2000.  Something like this 1990 vehicle. 

If you've heard of one for sale, please let us know!


  1. One thing is certain...Tim will do his homework and get the best deal. Happy travels!

  2. I agree with the need for good storage space and safety! Glad Tim did his homework as you will be doing this for the long haul. Excited to see what you find! Safe travels😍

  3. Will you be hauling a car behind this RV too? Great way to travel around the country. You'll need something smaller to drive to the HOH work sites!😄

  4. Tim has been researching (and dreaming of) this for years, Terry! We've got a Jeep Cherokee that we'll pull behind the bus. That'll be our backup vehicle if our Prevost breaks down. Yas, I already know that I've got more stuff than will fit in the RV, despite all the whittling down I've done. I'm afraid we'll be like the Oregon Trail pioneers who had to toss things out of the Conestoga to lighten the load.